Want to know the secret of writing great content online?

All the great bloggers know "content is king" but this isn't enough.  You need to know a really good guide to explain how to get your readers attention and how to keep writing "when the going gets tough".

Creating awesome blog posts and articles efficiently to create your own business.  Producing blog posts your readers can't get enough of.  Having a life and being able to write.  Gaining more readers, product sales and clients.

This eBook will work for you because....

I've been a writer for a number of years now and know what it takes to stay motivated.  Creating blog posts and a whole series of posts that readers really enjoy.  In The Easy Guide to Writing I share all of the knowledge I've gained so far on my own writing journey.

You'll learn about:
  • How to make money writing online
  • Understand the rules for writing on the internet
  • How to develop your own writing voice
  • How to write when life gets in the way
The Easy Guide to Writing is $6 

Or.... get all four Easy Guides for just $18 (instead of $24 they'd cost individually)

You'll Get All This .....

✷ Chapter One: Make a Living as a Writer
How do I Write an Article?

✷ Chapter Two: Simple Rules of Writing on the Internet

✷ Chapter Three: The 30 Minute Article

✷ Chapter Four: How to Stay Focused When You Write

✷ Chapter Five: Why “Just Write” is the Best Advice for Any Writer
Rules of Writing Can be Broken
Good Writing is Based on Inner Experience Rather than Fact
All Great Writers Were Lousy Once

✷ Chapter Six: Make a Living Writing
Make Money Writing Online
No Experience Required

✷ Chapter Seven: Keep Writing When Life Gets in the Way

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I've included a special discount coupon, at the end of each eBook so that you can purchase any of The Easy Guides for $4.50 instead of the usual $6.  Each eBook compliments the other if you're not very confident about your writing skills.

The Easy Guide to Writing is $6 

Or get all four Easy Guides for just $18 (instead of $24 they'd cost individually)


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